DIY – Cooling Mint Face Mist

Everyone loves a good facial mist. They are refreshing, soothing and delivers a fresh look to the face. Some facial mists in the market contain alcohol , synthetic fragrances and other chemicals which can cause irritation and dryness to the skin.

So why to spend your hard earned cash on these chemicals , when you can make yourself one. .
Personally I enjoy making all these stuff and trust me you will also love making and using your own products.

It is an all natural , homemade face mist to provide a cooling sensation to face

– 8-10 Mint leaves
– 1 tblspn aloe gel
– 1 lemon
– 1 cup rosewater

– Add mint leaves and aloe gel together and blend them in a mixer.
– Sieve out the juice of the blended leaves.
– Add lemon juice and rose water.
– Store the liquid in a spray bottle
( I used Rose water by Osha Naturals as it is 100% Pure )

And your mist is ready. Spray it on your face twice a day. I also spray it on my face pack once it dries.

This face mist is extremely helpful for those having acne . Mint leaves dry up acne and clean up pores. External application of mint leaves helps a great deal in fading the scars away. And Aloe juice is able to quickly heal skin of wounds and micro cracks. It can also be used to remove pimples, small scars and other skin damage .

* Store it in a fridge.

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7 thoughts on “DIY – Cooling Mint Face Mist

  1. Claudia says:

    Just 1 question…is it safe to use lemon juice? I know that if you apply lemon juice on your skin you shouldn’t expose yourself to sunlight. Thanx!!


  2. nidhal says:

    It produces a foul odour when raw aloe vera gel is added to the concoction which increases as the days progress. That’s why I prefer making and using it the day itself 🙂
    Also, somewhere I noted that it was slightly drying for my skin. So, I think this facial toner is crafted exclusively only for oily and acne-prone skin types.

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